Books and Letters 

This is a simple set of images of prayer books, bibles, hymn books and letters.

Most of the books were given to my mum, my grandmother and grandfather and a woman who I believe to be my great grandmother, some of these books are well over 100 years old. Books includes my grandfathers service hymn book from world war one.

My Father kept many personal letters from family members, for example my parents kept every letter my brother and I wrote to them whilst were were away away at school. Presented very simply ‘Letters’ is a collection of  letters my Father received at various times in his life. They include letters written to him as a young man by his parents and brother (including letters from Poland sent in 1948) and letters from mum whilst he was in Japan.

The final letter is one of many letters written home by me as a boy whilst away at school, it’s included because it’s addressed to our family home at Collingham where he and Mother spent well over half their adult lives, both passed away whilst still living there.

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